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Fancy Dress Ball
by Donna Coleman

The painting Fancy Dress Ball is based on an event that has taken place every year for at least thirty years - a New Year's Eve party given by a long-standing social group at a prominent hotel in Washington DC. I have been fortunate enough to be a guest at this party a few times.

All the 80 year olds can dance rings around the younger people.
They dress better, too!







Resting Angel by Cynthia Lynn Buchanan

Resting Angel
by Cynthia Lynn Buchanan

My Angel rests, exhausted and satisfied that She has guided Me through a life worth living. I dreamed that I would have many Children, but it was only a dream. Now that the changes have begun to come upon me, my heart no longer aches to be Mother to Child. There is the reality that I am one of the last twigs at the end of a million branches on my Family tree, and sadness that this last leaf clings on so strongly, against the inevitable fall and the unknown winter to come. My Angel rests and contemplates Her own barren existence and knows that I have come to realize that She is Me.


Quilt: Art To Mend the World
Kate Ransohoff

A Letter to Women—compassionately looks at the confusions that get in the way of fulfilling our potential and capacity for being powerful. In the busyness of everyday lives many of us have forgotten how to support and encourage the making of things, our own things.  

"Beautiful women. How can we continue to forget what must be passed on? The knowledge, the stories, the legends and healings of our grandmothers, great grandmothers, cultures, places, songs. The world is not only made of money. The world is also made of culture, seen and unseen, tangible and intangible. Remember. As women, around the world, we are truly all connected."




The Change
by Suzanne Cheryl Gardner


The Change by Suzanne Cheryl Gardner
"The artist who paints the magic of life"
Please view my bright colorful pieces at


Rejoicing Woman
by Katherine Radic  

Rejoicing Woman by Katherine Radic 

Rejoicing Woman

My son is an art teacher. He is the one that inspired me to do the sculpture.
I didn't particularly like the idea of entering "The non-fertile, hag-like, crone-like
stage of life". Instead I wanted to feel beautiful, sensual and very much a vibrant
woman. That feeling of wanting to dispel the "unattractive, unfeminine" image came
out in the sculpture. I really did not know what the sculpture was going to look like
when it was completed. It is app. 3 1/2 " high and egg-shaped (representing the ovum).
I carved a woman’s body across the front of the egg, with arms outstretched under her
hair that is flowing down the back of the egg. Sperm are swimming away from her body.
She is no longer fertile, but she is rejoicing in her femininity and sensuality. (Her womanness) She is literally bursting out of the negative image that women in menopause are associated with. The picture was taken outside in an altar-like setting

Katherine Radic


by Nancy Goodman Lawrence

This autobiographical piece is an original collage from which I have created
a Limited Edition Giclee Reproduction series. I am still "fanning the flames,"
but I try to do so with humor. Please visit my website at:


"It wasn't until I learned to hold and nurture my "rooster" - the part
of me that fights so hard against/for change - that I could begin
to open to the wisdom of menopause." Kristrinah Ayala

Artwork by Kristrinah Ayala


contributed by Mac, from her Fata Morgana collection

A Fractal Essay
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Birth Of The Crone
by Helen Redman

Here I am trying to give birth to myself! I am welcoming my crone, and as I try to push her out I feel a sense of excitement about getting to know her. We get so bogged down in being serious, and as serious as the face coming out of the vagina is, she's wearing a labia bonnet and the whole thing is comical. For more Menopausal art, visit Helen's website: Birthing The Crone - Menopause & Aging through an Artist's Eyes


"Beauty happens in art and life the very instant you allow
your deepest soul truth to be expressed." Aviva Gold

The title of this painting is Spirit Woman. It's also on my site in the gallery section, 1990's It is a small acrylic on watercolor paper.I painted this at the end of my menopause, the image of a woman emerged on it's own, as if the essence remained, after the passing of the transformation. A free spirit, no longer bound to the cycle, the essence of mother, connected to the earth. My own physical mother died during my menopause, my mother is now the earth. Ageless, I now am free to become whatever I want. I have decided that even though I am gaining in years I am getting younger, not older. Yours, Carol Herzer.

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Woman's Soul

Julianna's Dreams introduces the first evocative piece in the artist's new series Sacred Anatomy Trilogy, inspired and created from the artist's own source of power.

Life transition and the desire to reclaim my spirit fueled the creation of this blood print in 1993. The magic apparent when the paper unfolded and the image appeared. The evolution of my woman's soul continues as I transition to Crone. My print reminds me of the power of my blood. Grateful that I took the risk, my life has remained forever changed.

Reclaim your joy.

For information contact: Julianna at

copyright L.T. Edison 1994

This photo is from the book of photographs "Women En Large: Images of Fat Nudes" by Laurie Toby Edison - I started this project because I was so fascinated by the artistic possibilities in the bodies of fat women. Thin women's bodies are pretty much all alike; fat women have much more variety. My goal has been to show that the women are both beautiful and real; not just like an Impressionist painting where the women may be beautiful but can be dismissed as simply an artist's image. Laurie Toby Edison - photographer

Old Women dancing
A promise to myself that regardless of how ugly I will become or how
old my bones will feel, I will never ignore the sound of the flute
or the energy of the fire.
~ Carla

This piece "Sacred Remembering" by "Arachne" (Karen Fredrickson)
appears on the cover of Bryan Sykes new book: "The Seven Daughters of Eve"

This ancient image was patterned after an ancient artifact known as the "Venus of Willendorf". Although it was believed to be a "fertility symbol", I like to believe that She is pregnant with possibilities -- not necessarily babies. I believe it to be about Empowerment, about the Sacredness of being Woman. I see Her as having everything to do with Self-love and the ability for Self-Acceptance/Forgiveness. I associate Her with Protection and Abundance; feelings of Security; and with the Healing that only comes from becoming your own Sacred Mother.

Karen Fredrickson has been producing Goddess imagery artwork
in ceramics and other materials - contact her at:
Luna Art 2695 St Hwy 64 Apt #3 Emerald, WI. 54013 ~ Phone: 715-265-4185


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