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Birth Control for Menopausal Women


Step 1. Collect information . . .

Birth control, never simple or easy, is complicated incredibly by the erratic ovulations and unpatterned menses of the premenopausal and menopausal years. Remember your high school chums who unexpectedly had a little baby brother or sister? The biological imperative to reproduce doesn't die without a struggle. This section is for those who don't want to have a(nother) child. If you do, go to page 57.

Step 2. Engage the energy . . .

~ Barrier methods (diaphragms, cervical caps, and condoms) are good choices for menopausal women. But the spermicides used with them may provoke vaginal yeast infections, bladder infections, and dryness.
~Try an erotic massage instead of intercourse. Use a special lubricant, like coconut oil. Light candles; buy a bouquet of flowers. Take your time.

Step 3. Nourish and tonify . . .

~ Ejaculation control and withdrawl won't prevent conception for a woman in the fullness of her fertility, but it will for most menopausal women. And, it's a womderful way to nourish intimacy in a realtionship.
~ Self-pleasuring is safe sex for menopausal women. Guaranteed to not result in pregnancy and promotes health, too! Let Betty Dodson help you with her self-loving books and tapes (page 64). Your mid-life mate may appreciate learning that sexual pleasure is more than penetration. Lesbianism and celibacy also work very well.

Step 4. Stimulate/Sedate . . .

~ Get him (and his testicles) in hot water. Sperm are easily killed at temperatures over 110F. if he sits in hot water for 15-25 minutes a day for six weeks, he will shoot blanks for at least three months. A vasectomy is even safer, and lasts longer.
~ Women find a teaspoon of wild carrot seeds (Daucus carota or Queen Anne's Lace) eaten in food daily is an incredibly effective way to prevent pregnancy.

Step 5b. Use drugs . . .

~ Doctors who used to tell menopausal women to stop taking birth control pills, now urge them to start, then switch to "replacement" therapy.

Step 6. Break and enter . . .

~ Remove your IUD if it causes heavy menstrual periods or flooding, common menopausal problems which can be serious threats to your health.
~Sterilization and hysterectomy are extreme forms of birth control for menopausal women who will soon need no birth control of any kind.


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